Contents In Depth

The Half Man Half Biscuit Lyrics Project

My attempt to transcribe the complete works

Chris Rand Writes: My Blog

All sorts of unconnected stuff

Ipswich Town FC Links

The Good, The Bad and The Quite Ugly

We've got a great fanzine site, some terrific fan sites, an impressive article site, a busy forum, an intelligent email newsgroup and much more. All this from just another Championship side - who'd have thought it? And all lovingly catalogued here.

Cambridge Estate Agents

An up-to-date and helpful list

Eternally popular page which I wrote a while back in case I ever wanted to advertise my own house on it. I haven't. But people seem to love the page, because it cuts through the crap, as they say.

Baby Tips

Things we wish we'd known before!

Simple idea really. Write down all the things you wish you'd known about having a baby before you had one. Amazing how quickly you forget. Includes the one about the teddy bear and the car seat.

The Rand Family Tree

Me and my ancestors

My Dad spent ages on this, and he went back quite a way. If you're looking for a lot of men called William, you're at the right place.

Gadget Reviews

Things I have been trying out recently

Various items I've written, with buying links which I hope will be of help. Includes the much-read Panasonic SD-255 Breadmaker review.