Chris Rand Writes

Seriously? Meme

2 November 2017

Heidi Allen MP in the House of Commons, 2 November 2017. In response to some right-winger making some typically appalling comment.


General Election Football Analogy

22 May 2017

I once tried to explain the parliamentary electoral system to a teenage relative in footballing terms. It’s not a perfect analogy, but it’s a lot more perfect than the way we choose our government.

Films of the Year 2016

21 December 2016

After several years of trying, I managed to watch 52 new release films at the cinema this year. Here are my 10 favourites.

“Faces Of The Year” Christmas Quiz 2016

17 December 2016

I made up a quick quiz for our Christmas party last night, and people asked if they could have copies to recycle at their own gatherings, so here it is.


The “Cambridge Independent” Newspaper

12 October 2016

If you haven’t seen it yet, the Cambridge Independent is a major new weekly newspaper for the area. I’ve really put this blog post up because a month after its launch, the newspaper still hasn’t managed to get Google to rank its website at all, and I suspect a lot of people will be searching for it online in vain. So here’s a link to the newspaper’s website!


How should an MP vote?

26 June 2016

At some stage in the months to come, MPs are going to be asked to vote on legislation to allow the UK to leave the EU. How should they vote? In the case of our two local MPs, I would hope the fight will continue.


My complete guaranteed predictions for 2016

1 January 2016

I’m sure that some of you may take these predictions for 2016 and somehow make money out of them, because they’re guaranteed*, but nevertheless, on this new year’s day, I’m going to tell you what 2016 has in store for everyone.