Chris Rand Writes

Woo, and indeed, hoo!

25 November 2003

That Jonny Wilkinson, eh? I don’t know if this is a good thing, but never have I been hugged by so many strangers in a pub.  If you enjoyed this post or even found it useful, I’m sure others would appreciate a Tweet or a Facebook share (see left)…


New iMac, same old lack of customer care

17 November 2003

Just got a new iMac. Very nice. But disappointing service from local dealer Cancom (although I suspect it’ll be the same elsewhere). Only in response to a casual query as I left the shop (“everything’s all the latest version etc is it?”) did the sales assistant point out that the iMac didn’t have the latest Panther OS on it. Apparently I have to call Apple to get it, and pay more than ten quid shipping charge for the privilege of waiting several days for them to send it to me….read more