Cheap Wii MotionPlus? Looks like Amazon’s the place

20 May 2009


The £20 Wii Motion Plus Accessory is now being made available on pre-order from major retailers such as Amazon, which is also offering its “Pre-order Price Guarantee” (if the price decreases between the time you place your order and the release date, you’ll be charged the lower price). There’s going to be serious demand on this, because it’s almost a mandatory update for Wii owners – most new games will require the add-on device to work, it’s being predicted. UK launch date is 12 June 2009.

So, what is the Wii MotionPlus Accessory?

Somehow, this brilliant device manages to replicate your entire body movement, rather than just that of your arm and wrist, as this review in Gizmodo explains, saying “The Nintendo Wii can finally be the absolutely amazing machine that many of us thought would never materialize”. You might not want to buy yet another accessory for your Wii, but you’ll have to concede eventually, so you may as well get one upfront right now. Doubtless they’ll ramp up the publicity by ensuring supplies are limited.


There is another way you might want to get your Wii MotionPlus, however, and that’s as a bundle with a game which can use it. The new equivalent of Wii Sports appears to be Wii Sports Resort which comes with the Wii Motion Plus Accessory in the box. Again, Amazon looks to have a good deal on offer, with price-guaranteed pre-ordering now available. Alternatively, you can get the Wii MotionPlus bundled with EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis or Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, which are both being released to capitalise on this great new device.

If you’re wondering how the Wii Motion Plus works, there’s a story on Gizmodo which explains – it’s basically a multi-axis gyroscope which is the brainchild of an American company. As ever with the video games market, industrial and miltary technology finds its real home in the living room.

Link: Wii Motion Plus Accessory at Amazon UK


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