Our Christmas After-Lunch Picture Quiz

25 December 2015

Update: the 2018 Version can be found here

The Christmas After-Lunch Picture Quiz has become a bit of a tradition in our family, and I thought I’d post this year’s here on the blog so that if any of you wanted to steal it and use it in your own household or at your own party, you could. Note this is the 2015 version – see above for the latest update. Feel free to take as much credit as you like. The quiz shows thirty people who’ve been in the news this year, and all you need to do is name them. It’s been designed so that Uncle Alf is as likely to get the answers as little Hayden, Jayden and Kayden, and it usually generates a lot of “ooh, hang on, I know this”. You could probably use it as a picture round for a pub quiz too. If you still want the 2015 quiz, here is the low-resolution version. If you want the full printable version, here it is in high-resolution version (an 11Mb PDF). But I recommend this year’s version at the top!


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