Chris Rand Writes

How should an MP vote?

26 June 2016

At some stage in the months to come, MPs are going to be asked to vote on legislation to allow the UK to leave the EU. How should they vote? In the case of our two local MPs, I would hope the fight will continue.


My complete guaranteed predictions for 2016

1 January 2016

I’m sure that some of you may take these predictions for 2016 and somehow make money out of them, because they’re guaranteed*, but nevertheless, on this new year’s day, I’m going to tell you what 2016 has in store for everyone.


Greenwich O2 Arena Car Parking Tips 2014-2017

14 December 2014

This post is just to round up a few things I’ve found out about parking at the O2 and my own recent experience of event parking there, as most discussions you find through Google date back several years. I hope it’s useful.


Old views of Cavendish Avenue

8 June 2014

I just noticed that the aerial views on Bing Maps are still showing the plot on which our house stands, before it was developed …so I thought I’d record them here for posterity.


New websites for Cambridge

15 July 2012

I’ve made a couple of new websites recently, one to campaign against a local development and one for a local interior design expert.

My Dad

29 June 2012

There’s nothing I can say here to do justice to how much of a loss we’ve just suffered with the passing of my Dad. He was a great man, and will always be my hero.

Photo highlights of our Canadian holiday

20 August 2010

Alex sitting on the glass floor of the Calgary Tower observation deck Taking the gondola ride up Sulphur Mountain in Banff Looking up at the Athabasca Glacier coming down from the Columbia Icefields Canoeing on Ice-blue Lake Louise Front section of the Rocky Mountaineer train Inside the double-deck section of the train Helicopter ride over the Rockies Eagle unimpressed by our presence Beluga whale in Vancouver Aquarium Tame eagle in birds of prey centre Giant Douglas Fir on Vancouver Island Victoria harbour at night  If you enjoyed this post or…read more


New website for Essex golf teacher

23 May 2010

I just made a one-page website for Roger Gray, who offers golf lessons in Brentwood. Just a sort of online business card really. I hope it helps people find him, he’s a great guy and deserves to be every bit as busy as he is.  If you enjoyed this post or even found it useful, I’m sure others would appreciate a Tweet or a Facebook share (see left)…


Dawn on the Telly!

14 June 2009

Dawn appeared on a BBC East documentary in 2000, called “Carry On Nursing..?” – here’s her ninety seconds of fame.  If you enjoyed this post or even found it useful, I’m sure others would appreciate a Tweet or a Facebook share (see left)…


Kevin’s a lucky man

8 January 2008

Wow. Just back from the wedding of my God-daughter Mel in Canada. To say she looked pretty would be an understatement. A really nice service and a good send-off for Kevin and Mel in the evening. Of course I wish them all my love and best wishes for the future together.  If you enjoyed this post or even found it useful, I’m sure others would appreciate a Tweet or a Facebook share (see left)…


What happens in Vegas

2 April 2007

Just got back from a great week’s holiday in Las Vegas. There’ll be separate posts on some of the people and places, but for now, here are the three things we heard or saw which made us chuckle the most: 1. “Are you 55 years old or better?” 2. “We apologise for showing you footage of someone smoking, but this is a live news feed from Iran” 3. “Italian food so authentic you’d swear you were in New York” Also, this was fantastic: “After the break, the answer to the…read more