Chris Rand Writes

O2 Arena Parking Tips 2018/19

14 December 2014

This post is just to round up a few things I’ve found out about parking at the O2 and my own recent experience of event parking there, as most discussions you find through Google date back several years. I hope it’s useful.


Songs of the Year 2014

11 December 2014

Despite listening to just as much music as ever, I could only come up with around 70 new songs I really liked in 2014.


A Movie A Week in 2014 – halfway stage update

29 June 2014

My target this year has been to see one film a week on the big screen, and at the halfway stage I’ve nearly done it – just the last-minute intervention of the World Cup got in the way.


Old views of Cavendish Avenue

8 June 2014

I just noticed that the aerial views on Bing Maps are still showing the plot on which our house stands, before it was developed …so I thought I’d record them here for posterity.


100 Songs of the Year 2013

11 December 2013

This year, thanks to Spotify – and Spotify apps like the one from Any Decent Music? – I was able to listen to half a dozen highly-rated new albums a week, most from acts I’d never heard of.

Films of the Year 2013

10 December 2013

By the looks of things, I would appear to have seen about 25 films this year, which I guess is about average. Picking 10 from that isn’t going to be too hard, is it?

The Rise of the Video Blogger

23 September 2013

Regular broadcasters such as JacksGap regularly get several million views, which makes them more watched than almost any “big name” TV show on Channel 4.