The property market in Cambridge has been extraordinary for a long time. Our previous house in Cherry Hinton rose to three times its original cost in ten years. With such a buoyant market, there are a lot of local Estate Agents, both chains and independents – here's my list of them, and their web sites.


Our family moved house, within Cambridge, back in 2011, and there's a full account of our house move here with my own thoughts about the estate agent, solicitor and removal company we used.

Cambridge Estate Agents

Most of these websites are pleasant to use nowadays, but a few of them are still poorly designed with little consideration given to the user. I've tried to help you avoid all that by (wherever possible) linking directly to each site's Cambridge property listings. With the local independent agencies, that's easy, because Cambridge is all they deal with. However, some of the national agencies do make it hard for you to choose an area, so I hope my shortcuts might save you a lot of time.

The list below is presented in alphabetical order, but dip in, as the best sites aren't necessarily at the top! I try to keep this as up-to-date as I can, but if any estate agent thinks they're unfairly represented, just let me know.

Abbotts Countrywide

Abbotts Countrywide - like many larger chains - makes you fight your way through to find its Cambridge properties, but I've done the hard work and I can take you straight to the Cambridge stuff.


Bidwells has a site driven by a search box, but the link here should get you past that awkwardness and give you the Cambridge properties.

Bush & Co

Bush and Co has a straightforward site which allows you to search on the hoime page, but you'll have to do a bit of work there yourself.

Carter Jonas

Carter Jonas lets me take you to its Cambridge page, which is great. They have a map facility too, which can be accessed simply by clicking "results on map".

Carter Jonas Bradshaws

Bradshaws is a well-designed site from a Cambridge-only estate agent which has a nice map facility showing the location of the properties for sale, although you'll have to go back to the site-search for that.


Cheffins has a shortcut into the Cambridge search listings too, and a map facility just a click away, so off you go.

Cooke, Curtis & Co

Cooke, Curtis & Co is a new (2015) Cambridge-only estate agency, so the best bet is to look at its complete set of listings.

Fine & Country

Fine & Country allows me to get you to a broad Cambridgeshire listings page, from where you can narrow the search yourself.


Haart has a nice clean site but it no longer appears to allow us to link straight to the Cambridge property listings, so it's just the home page for you, unfortunately.


Hockeys is a local estate agency so this link just takes you to the full listings. A one-click map-view facility is provided.

Morris Armitage

Morris Armitage covers the county and beyond, but this link should take you to the Cambridge area listings.

Pocock & Shaw

Pocock & Shaw has a modern site which allows us to get straight to the listings for Cambridge. Good "map view" a click away too.

Radcliffe & Rust

Radcliffe & Rust are local enough that I've just linked to the complete listings page, which makes things easy. There you go.

Redmayne Arnold & Harris

Redmayne Arnold and Harris has updated its site to allow me to get you straight to the search for 'Cambridge' properties, which is great.


Russells now allows you to get to the Cambridge listings directly, which is great news, and there's a map view if you look carefully for the tab at the top.

Saint Andrews Bureau

Saint Andrews Bureau have rather irritatingly removed the ability to go straight to the Cambridge listings, so you'll have to type in 'Cambridge' yourself. They do have a map view though.


Savills allows me to get you to the Cambridge listings directly. A one-click map view is available, and works.

Strutt & Parker

Strutt & Parker is a national chain which set up in Cambridge in 2013. I can get you to the Cambridge listings directly.


TuckerGardner has a complex search system but a good map facility, and I can also get you directly to this Cambridge listing, which is a good start.


Tylers has a fairly broad definition of Cambridge, and I can't narrow it down to just the city, sorry. There's a one-click map though.

Vincent Shaw

Vincent Shaw has a straightforward site which does have a map facility, but you'll have to do the search again to see it.