A New Half Man Half Biscuit Album? Oh Yes.

urge-for-offal-half-man-half-biscuitAccording to Amazon, which seems to have beaten everyone else to it once again (there is no escape, it seems), “Urge For Offal” is out on October 20th.

Track listing: 1. Westward Ho! Massive Letdown • 2. This One’s For Now • 3. Baguette Dilemma For The Booker Prize Guy • 4. My Outstretched Arms • 5. The Bain Of Constance • 6. Theme Tune For Something Or Other • 7. False Grit • 8. Old Age Killed My Teenage Bride • 9. Urge For Offal • 10. Stuck Up A Hornbeam • 11. Adam Boyle Has Cast Lad Rock Aside • 12. The Unfortunate Gwatkin • 13. Mileage Chart. The album isn’t available to order yet – check back here regularly and we’ll tell you when it is, and where from.

Discuss the album on its dedicated page here.

Three autumn gigs

After an impressive six gigs in 2014 before the playoff finals were even over, the band has three lined up for the autumn, in Bilston, Leicester and Manchester. All of our previous Gig Reviews can be found here.

Full List of Upcoming Gigs

Over Bridges, Under Bridges

There can’t be anything much more biscuity than attempting to cycle to every place mentioned in a Half Man Half Biscuit lyric, and that’s exactly what Steve Harman and Nick Dawes are trying to do. You can read an account of their ongoing exploits at Half Man Half Bike Kit, including the team’s heroic attempt to do That London in a day.

NB57 into top 10 “Greatest Merseysiders”


Nigel Blackwell made the number 10 position in a January 2014 Liverpool Echo poll of the “Greatest Merseysiders”, thanks largely (I suspect) to the efforts of regulars to this site and to the Half Man Half Biscuit Society Facebook page. In the same newspaper’s previous poll, over 10 years ago, Blackwell made the number 57 position, leading Yahoo Groups mailing list contributor Philip Taylor to come up with the “NB57″ nickname. Whether “NB10″ will catch on is another matter. You can read the full list of great Merseysiders on the Liverpool Echo site here.

New on this site

If you’ve not been here for a while, the most recent lowlights include the start of the huge “A-Z of HMHB” and a stab at translating some songs to bring the music of HMHB to the world. For these and other oddments, check out “Features on this site” on the home page.