If I had possession over Pancake Day

Outside Goldsmiths’ coughing up blood,
Turner Prize judge gasps “Christ that’s good –
Leave it as it is, it’ll get first place
We’ll call it a full shift at the coal face”
Oh well you’re neither a Stuckist or a YBA
and you’re no longer a miner as of today

Praise for the wardens ready to fine
Anyone caught saying “graphic design”
Rag-mag seller said I’d be in pleats
Only when he’d been cleaned from the streets
Oh I could squeeze my lemon ’til my blues went away
If I had possession over Pancake Day

Give a philosophy student a glass of limeade
and he will say: “is this a glass of limeade?”
and “if so, why is it a glass of limeade?”
and, after a while, he’ll die of thirst


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Andy Kershaw session 24/07/02. (8:40@6:11)

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