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So here it is, my Dyson AM06 fan, a new design for 2014 and a significant leap forward from earlier models. Delivered overnight by an Amazon marketplace seller for slightly under the recommended retail price, I can safely say its arrival was eagerly anticipated here. Was it worth the price tag though?

After all, the prices of Dyson fans, or "Air Multipliers", are not for the faint-hearted. For £220, you could fill your room with cheap fans. But the cheap fans would be noisy, expensive to run, and well ...not cool. Dyson has managed to make fans cool, and the new 2014 Dyson AM06 is by far the best design the company has ever produced. It's probably fair to say that you're paying three times as much for something which is twice as good, but there are all sorts of reasons why you might want to do just that. Here are some of them.

Firstly, it's quiet. Indeed, on the lowest setting (which can still move air around gently), it's just about silent. If you're using a Dyson AM06 in an office environment, or in a bedroom as a light sleeper, quietness is worth the investment. I simply don't notice mine is operating.

Secondly, the fact it has no visible moving parts is more than just a talking point. The traditional cages which protect fan blades from careless or inquisitive fingers are perfectly adequate to get the fans a safety certificate. But there's always a temptation to try to push things through, and parents of small children will feel more comfortable with a Dyson AM06. Also, in a working environment, I've found that not having something in the corner constantly drawing attention to itself certainly moves the stress levels down a notch or two.

Other features which might appeal to you include the unit's light weight (if you like to move the fan around a lot) and how easy it is to clean. Your Dyson AM06 will continue to look box-fresh with the occasional wipedown, long after normal fans have become encrusted with unpalatable gunk.

Tests seem to show that power consumption is very low, so the Dyson AM06 should be cheap to run - important if you have it on for long periods and are paying the electricity bill. Finally, the fan tilts and oscillates, and has a sleep timer too.


If you've got this far, I suspect you're able to afford a Dyson AM06, so the question is whether it's worth the money. After living with mine for a while, I'd say that it definitely is: just one of the features above could make all the difference to you.

The Dyson AM06 is available fairly widely - check out the price at Amazon to see what you should be paying, and read more user reviews.