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The 3 things I like most about this ice cream maker are:

1. It has 2 separate containers for making the ice cream. The main advantage of this is you can muck about with variations of recipes - for example adding sherbert and cherries to one mix and not to the other just to see what happens. I love mucking about with ice cream recipes and this machine is perfect for that. It's the main - and probably the only - reason why I would recommend it.

2. It seems quite sturdy. One of the most common faults with ice cream makers is that they break fairly easily. The Cusinart ICE40BCU does feel quite sturdy.

3. It looks good. It's a nicely designed machine.

Other considerations

The instructions are pretty clear and come with a few decent recipes.

The bowls are not massive. You have to freeze bowls in an ice cream maker about 24 hours before making the ice cream. These do not take up a ridiculous amount of space in your freezer - but there are 2 of them and they are round so, despite being small, they don't sit snuggly in your freezer.

It's quick - it takes about 20 mins to produce soft ice cream. (If you want your ice cream harder then you need to put it in the freezer).


1. It's big. If you have a big kitchen this is not a problem - if you have a small kitchen then you would do better with a compact ice cream maker.

2. It has 2 bowls but does not seem to make much more ice cream than the Philips HR2304. There are advantages to it having 2 bowls (see point 1 above) but you don't get that much more ice cream.

3. It's really noisy. Too noisy in my opinion.

4. It's not the easiest to clean - especially around where the 2 lids click on (see photo right).

5. It's expensive.


This machine is the perfect machine if you want to goof about with ice cream recipes (which is the best thing about making your own ice cream). It also does its job quickly. I cannot fault the quality of the ice cream it makes - but it does come with a few little niggles.

You may struggle to find one of these now at standard retailers and will probably have to look to get one from eBay.

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