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There were a number of things I really liked about this ice cream maker.

1.The freezing block for this ice cream maker is small. For ice cream makers to work you need to freeze the bowl or a block that sits in a bowl for about 24 hours prior to making the ice cream. I have a small freezer - so a relatively small bowl or block is essential. This block fills about half of a standard drawer on a standard fridge freezer (see lower photo). In fact it takes up less room than the bowl of the smaller Kenwood ice cream maker which is reviewed elsewhere on this site.

2. It produces quite a lot of ice cream. One bowl produces about 3 tupperware containers worth of ice cream (see photo). It's not the smallest ice cream maker you can get - but it does not take about a huge amount of space in your kitchen or in your freezer.

3. It's fairly quiet. Ice cream makers can be noisy but this is relatively quiet compared to many others.

Other considerations

It's fairly easy to clean. The motor unit and spatula are very easy to remove from the lid. The lid, the bowl, the block and the spatula can then be easily cleaned as you don't have to wory about the electrics getting wet. The motor unit needs to wiped clean. The hole where the spatula can get a bit gunky and takes a bit of patience to clean.


There were 2 slight drawbacks:

1. The instructions are OK but could perhaps be a bit clearer.

2. The block for freezing is difficult to remove from the bowl after you have made your ice cream. You have to run it under hot water to thaw it enough to remove it. This is not a major fault - but it just another little job that gets in the way of eating ice cream.


For its price (between £40 and £70 via Amazon) this is a decent ice cream maker which has the major advantage of having a small freezing block but which still makes quite a bit of ice cream (see photo). This more than made up for a couple of little niggles and most importantly no one had any complaints about the ice cream it produced.

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