Digital Radio Goodness with some touches of genius

Striking just the right balance between cute and cool, Pure Digital's Chronos II has rightly been the best-selling bed-side alarm clock radio this Christmas. I love it. For under seventy quid, it's also pretty good value, from a British manufacturer which has quickly become the big name in digital (DAB) radio technology.

PureThere are some great touches: you set the radio station you want to be the one which comes on in the morning, regardless of which station you were listening to during the day or last thing at night. So fall asleep listening to chat but wake up to something a bit more lively.

There's even more bedside goodness. Do you like falling asleep to the radio? Set the Chronos II to switch itself off at night, and it does so by fading out, not by suddenly going silent and waking you up with a start when it does so. In the morning, the volume fades back up again.

You can pre-set different alarms (radio, buzzer, etc) and different times for weekdays, weekends, every day or one offs. How cool is that? If you want even more touches which you wondered how you ever lived without, here's another: the clock has a light sensor which automatically adjusts the display brightness to suit the light levels in the room. Yay!

DAB digital radio, of course, seems to have been designed for devices like bedside radios. Select stations by name, rather than "tuning in", and see news and track titles on the scrolling text display. Never again wake up to a radio which has "drifted off" proper tuning!

Other features of note include the facility to browse or pause the scrolling text. There's traditional FM should you need it, and a headphone socket. Usefully, the manufacturer has also built in support for DAB+, the next generation of digital radio (when that comes eventually), so the Chronos II should be sitting on your bedside table for several years to come.

Pure Chronos II Buying Guide

Digital radio is almost certainly available wherever you are, but check first. Click here to visit the Digital Radio Now website where you can enter your postcode and get a list of radio stations which your Pure Chronos II will receive. It should be a pretty comprehensive list with every station you'd want. As for price, so long as it's under the recommended retail price of £69.99 you've got yourself a good deal. The good folks at Amazon provide a nice little panel for us (right) which tells you their current price - or click here and I can take you through to the Amazon UK product page where you can read other reviews of what I reckon is the best bedside alarm clock radio on the market at the moment.