The View From Churchmans

Ipswich Town home match reports from just another season-ticket holder


Ipswich Town 1 Bradford 2

Well, I accidentally left my shirt at home (bad omen), but having Master Rand Jnr as "Toddler of the Month" in the programme was cool, and that was enough to make me feel it was going to be a good night as they ran out. That, and the small matter of the presence of M.Holland Esq. But it was misplaced confidence. We were back to that "looks reasonably professional but ultimately goes nowhere" ... More...

Ipswich Town 6 Leicester City 1

A belated start to the season for those of us who weren't in the small but merry band at Walsall, and who couldn't go to Luxembourg either. Almost the entire division had played three matches and we hadn't seen a ball kicked yet. Still, it was worth waiting for. A real oddity this one, a bit like Rotherham must have felt against Millwall. "Even" at this level you don't expect the opposition to ... More...


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