The View From Churchmans

Ipswich Town home match reports from just another season-ticket holder


Ipswich Town 2 Grimsby 2

If you thought the future of the club hangs on the results between now and May, think again. At the Fans Forum just a couple of hours before the match, the Chief Executive suggested that it actually hangs on the next half-dozen games (see separate report for the reason why), and for me at least, that was a frightening revelation. If we do badly in the next few matches, we may actually not ... More...

Ipswich Town 2 Wolves 4

I've had several people in the past suggest I'm a bit mean with my ratings, and sometimes a bit doom-and-gloomy with my writeups, so this one might surprise a few people. Along with everyone around me, including a friend who's a Wolves season-ticket holder who'd come along, I genuinely thought we were tremendous in the first half (although admittedly poor in the second). So I was stunned after the match when I met ... More...

Ipswich Town 3 Sheffield Utd 2

Wow. You get something truly memorable once or twice a season, and it's the reason why you keep coming back even when things are bad. Today was one of those events. Dale Roberts would have been very, very proud. The first half, to be honest, was a good hard scrap, and although we played our part, the main chances fell to Sheffield and we only had one real effort, Darren B's one-on-one which he ... More...


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