The View From Churchmans

Ipswich Town home match reports from just another season-ticket holder


Ipswich Town 0 QPR 2

The sudden decline which set in after Christmas, but which was masked by some flattering scorelines, is now very, very apparent. We were probably just as bad as against Watford on Tuesday night, and this time against a better side too, one which knew its limitations and played to its strengths. Once again, it was a performance which can only be described as absolute rubbish. At least Joe didn't try to pretend this time ... More...

Ipswich Town 1 Watford 2

Nobody would suggest we've been playing well of late, in fact we've quite neatly spent the whole third quarter of the season (since the Wigan game) playing well below par. However, the results have continued to come in, and most of us have probably had the feeling that this really is going to be our season. Even Joe has admitted as such, sometimes quite harshly (such as describing the point at Preston as "daylight ... More...

Ipswich Town 2 Leicester City 1

A tough game, both in terms of football and conditions. The wind was probably the winner, as it had a big hand in most of the clear chances, but it was tight throughout, and fortune could have awarded the game to either side: fortunately it swung our way. In such conditions, it's hard to criticise anyone too strongly, and a keeper who put in even a half-decent display should be given a lot ... More...


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