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Ipswich Town 2 Walsall 0

Well, the bookies were spot on – the spread bet for “how many minutes are
they going to be in the Premiership?” was Ipswich 7-10, Man.City 80-83, and
for exactly those few minutes we were in heaven. The lads gave their all and
once again played well in a pressure match – could that be the difference
between this year and the last three in terms of the playoffs?
I was a little mystified by the hostility shown by the crowd to the Walsall
fans, who were quite simply great, and full marks to Rob Chandler for what
he said at the end, which might have mended a few broken fences. It was also
sad to see Johnno make a really provocative gesture towards them which – if
obviously caught on camera – might lead to disciplinary action.

Otherwise, one of those memorable afternoons in the sun.

Some ratings:

Wright 8 – Nothing to do except pull off one fine fingertip save

Wilnis 6 Thetis 6 Mowbray 9 Brown 7 Clapham 7
– – Mogga was magnificent, he had a young defender and a wayward one on a
piece of string all afternoon, playing perfect offside traps and
anticipating everything. Although Thetis only made a couple of real
mistakes, he was caught way off the pace twice and resorted to bundling the
opponent over, which I hate to see from an Ipswich player. And getting
booked at the end when everything was so meaningless is just about the most
amateur thing imaginable. Jamie was starting to look more and more useful as
the match went on, it would be nice to think his recent indifferent spell
was over.

Magilton 8 Holland 7
– – Jim has become the team’s main weapon in the last few matches by
the ball forward so effectively, as the two setups against Charlton proved.
And he did it again in this game: long runs, several well-weighted through
balls and an altogether potentially match-winning performance.

Scowcroft 8 Stewart 5 Johnson 9
– – Has Johnno hit his stride at just the right time? He flew around, only
dived once, had his shooting boots on, and seemed up for it as much as (if
not more than) anyone else in the side. If he could have played with this
sort of commitment for 90% of the season instead of only a small part, we’d
have been home and dry before Easter. Stewart on the other hand seemed
drained of confidence and hugely lacking in terms of reaction time – twice
when Johnno lunged at a centre and missed, instead of anticipating the
possibility and being there behind him to tap in, Stewart only seemed to
think about it after Johnno had missed it, and ended up making one of those
despairingly far-too-late attempts you see from really bad keepers. He had
two terrible misses too. I don’t think Burley can give him the benefit of
the doubt for the play-offs – surely he’ll have to somehow really prove his
quality in training to get a spot ahead of Naylor or Reuser? Scowie was
eclipsed a bit by Johnno, but dropped back very deep into midfield under
instructions at one point and even played well there, so full marks. And of
course brilliant to see him get the trophies at the end of the game, only a
year or so after he finally started to shut the pond life up.

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