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Ipswich Town 1 Leeds Utd 2

Nothing like a bit of controversy not favouring us to get this list going is there? And quite right too. I’ve calmed down now, but it’s not often you get that angry after a game. The referee was consistently bad, but the linesman in front of the Cobbold was worse than bad: he simply had it in for us. Why? Who knows. The bizarre way he kept his flag down in the first half when two Leeds players were 5m or more offside left us aghast, but Stewart’s dismissal? What can we say? The ref went for a yellow, which I thought was hard luck, then the same linesman called him over, said no more than half a dozen words (“Send him off, I’m on a bung” I would imagine) and the ref was quite happy to comply. What did the linesman see? It was bang in front of me and I might be biased, but it was no more than a poor tackle. The TV coverage agreed absolutely. Stewart must be gutted.
Otherwise, we had a fairly good game against a poor opposition. Where we fell down was a weakness down the spine of the team: Richard seemed hesitant, nobody seemed to be in command in the centre of defence, Matt went AWOL for large parts of the game and Armstrong was totally ineffective. And that meant that no matter how well the players outside of them performed, the ball just wasn’t getting there confidently enough.
We shouldn’t forget Leeds’ “third goal”. At the time I thought it was hysterical; like the linesman, I thought Viduka was ahead of Smith, and even schoolboys know you don’t pass forward to a team-mate with only the keeper to beat. But as the video showed, Viduka was behind Smith (even if Smith had to be *stupid* to risk the pass) and the goal should have stood. So Leeds should have had three goals from their two chances, not two from one.
If it wasn’t for the sending-off, I’d have said it was “just one of those afternoons” where nothing goes right, but I can’t write off what that linesman did to us. Anyone know his name? I want to make a doll and stick bloody great nails in it.
Some ratings:
Wright 5: hesitant and at fault for the second, if not the first, goal.
Croft 7: looked fine coming forward but had little to do defensively, which is where he’s looked suspect in the last week. But very encouraging nevertheless.
Bramble 7: usual comedy moments, including the slice which presented Leeds with goal number two, but quite imposing for the vast majority of the time. Good stuff.
Hreidarsson 6: nothing too bad, but didn’t really stamp his presence on the match in the way we might have hoped against a fairly unimpressive opposition attack.
Venus 6: the goal was a cracker, and the OG was unfortunate, nothing more, otherwise see HH!
Scowcroft 7: really looked up for it but played far too wide and became detached from Armstrong in the middle, so much of his effort was wasted. Won almost everything though and close to MotM
Holland 5: where were you Matt? Didn’t seem to be involved at all, until he decided he’d have to do the scoring himself towards the end. It was really disheartening to see Leeds breaking into midfield time and time again to be met with a big space. Most odd.
Wright 8: on the other hand, amazingly, Jermaine showed exactly how to boss the midfield (Jim style) and take the ball forward (Matt style). A terrific, MotM performance.
Clapham 5: fairly ineffective, and totally wimped out of a challenge which led directly to the second Leeds goal. Big disappointment.
Armstrong 5: hopeless, nothing like being in the class necessary to take on Radebe and Ferdinand, who must have felt like they were on holiday.
Stewart 7: couple of glorious touches, but wasn’t linking with the others properly all afternoon. Would have probably had more luck if he’d been more over on Scowie’s side to take advantage of the balls which the big man was consistently winning.
Subs: Naylor, see Armstrong. Reuser however really looked like he was going to set something up, and really should be given a longer run.
Ref: buffoon Crowd: Angry Leeds fans: frightening

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